a journey for photo knowledge

Sony down and out!

Well, despite my absence, I’m not giving up on this photography blog.  Life has had me otherwise occupied – between work and a new home purchase, I have little time for photography right now.

And even if I did have a few spare minutes, my Sony Alpha 300x is on the fritz – again. Clearly there’s a defect in the display screen. The first time it malfunctioned – renders nothing but bright light and lines, not possible to review photos – it was still under warranty. It was repaired, then a year later, same problem. Only now it’s not under warranty. So, I guess it’s time for a new camera. And I guess it’s time to move on from Sony to one of the more standard DSLR brands – Nikon or Canon. Some research to do. 

Nonetheless, I have  had a minute or two to dabble with the Sony Cybershot and the iPhone. It’s impossible to walk away from a shot when it’s begging for it, right? lol. After the condo purchase is complete (and the new furniture), a new camera is high on the list.


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