a journey for photo knowledge


Spring splendor

Fewer brilliant colors on the planet than spring at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.





I’ll do anything for a good shot… even get in the pool.


And when the storm blows over…

There’s something calm, serene and pure about the moments immediately following a storm. Experiencing those moments from this vantage point is all the sweeter. In moments like these, I’m in awe of my home city of Atlanta.


April showers…

It’s actually a June 2013 shot. I was sitting at my desk facing the midtown view, when I noticed things started to get ugly.


Final Four Ferris Wheel

Last year, Atlanta hosted the NCAA’s basketball championships, the Final Four. The whole affair was maddening (in a good way) downtown. Throngs of people all having a great time. And they even brought in a small ferris wheel (below) for the occasion. Less than a year later, another ferris wheel – a large, more permanent one was brought to town. I have yet to ride or get shots of the new one.


They’re Everywhere!

Atlanta is becoming quite the fun parade place. This photo is actually from our annual Christmas parade, which is probably second only to the Labor Day weekend “Dragon*Con” parade. But honestly, it doesn’t matter what the parade topic, the Storm Troopers are EVERYWHERE!


Pride: At a crossroads in America

Symbolic of the times, this gay pride flag is carried down the streets of Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia. The view is from my 26th floor balcony.  The topic of marriage equality is on the mind of the entire LGBTQA community. As a gay man, I support the move toward equality. Unfortunately, Georgia and the South in general seems to be behind the times on this issue. Go figure.


You ain’t so tough!

In 2013, Atlanta Botanical Gardens was home to the first U.S. stop of “Imaginary Worlds” – an amazing mosaiculture exhibit. Sorry for the over exposure. This “red hat lady” wasn’t at all intimidated by nearly 15′ King Cobra!


Macro economics

Really need to spend more time (and money on equipment) shooting macro. I truly enjoy it. This was another shot at Atlanta Botanical Garden, May 2013.


Comfy holiday

Fewer things in life bring me more peace than relaxing during the holidays, looking at Christmas trees. This was my second Christmas in my condo, 2012.