a journey for photo knowledge


They’re Everywhere!

Atlanta is becoming quite the fun parade place. This photo is actually from our annual Christmas parade, which is probably second only to the Labor Day weekend “Dragon*Con” parade. But honestly, it doesn’t matter what the parade topic, the Storm Troopers are EVERYWHERE!



Pride: At a crossroads in America

Symbolic of the times, this gay pride flag is carried down the streets of Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia. The view is from my 26th floor balcony.  The topic of marriage equality is on the mind of the entire LGBTQA community. As a gay man, I support the move toward equality. Unfortunately, Georgia and the South in general seems to be behind the times on this issue. Go figure.


Going home.

In September 2013, my friends and I traveled back to our alma mater to hold a memorial service for our friend and fellow graduate. We took some time to tour the campus. It’s a small state college that I graduated from and worked at for four years.  The University of Virginia’s College at Wise in Wise, Virginia. Beautiful mountain community in the Coalfields of Virginia. Also known as the “Appalachian mountains”. The college was founded in 1954. The land used to be a “poor farm”. This is one of two original (albeit, renovated) buildings from the days of the poor farm. This building used to serve as a dormitory but is now a visitors center (I think).


Comfy holiday

Fewer things in life bring me more peace than relaxing during the holidays, looking at Christmas trees. This was my second Christmas in my condo, 2012.


Morning, sunny-side up

Good morning, world. An Easter morning shot from my balcony. A few clicks to the left reveals a modern midtown metropolis. But as it were, this is the more residential part of midtown, and a glorious morning awaits.

A view from below

So, as referenced in the previous post, I’m buying a new condo. The development is called Spire. It’s a 2005 development with an art deco facade. Located in the heart of the Midtown Atlanta, I think the building and the blocks around it will provide for some amazing photo ops. I’m looking forward to it. Shot this with my iPhone while waiting on my Realtor. It’s a view from the lobby windows.

Located at 860 Peachtree Street, Spire is directly across the street from a new development called Viewpoint. I grin everytime I see Viewpoint because it’s in the exact footprint of the infamous Backstreet bar. Backstreet was the mother of all gay bars in the South. I’ve certainly spent more than a few dollars there. lol. Hence the grin. 🙂

Sony down and out!

Well, despite my absence, I’m not giving up on this photography blog.  Life has had me otherwise occupied – between work and a new home purchase, I have little time for photography right now.

And even if I did have a few spare minutes, my Sony Alpha 300x is on the fritz – again. Clearly there’s a defect in the display screen. The first time it malfunctioned – renders nothing but bright light and lines, not possible to review photos – it was still under warranty. It was repaired, then a year later, same problem. Only now it’s not under warranty. So, I guess it’s time for a new camera. And I guess it’s time to move on from Sony to one of the more standard DSLR brands – Nikon or Canon. Some research to do. 

Nonetheless, I have  had a minute or two to dabble with the Sony Cybershot and the iPhone. It’s impossible to walk away from a shot when it’s begging for it, right? lol. After the condo purchase is complete (and the new furniture), a new camera is high on the list.