a journey for photo knowledge


Belly of the beast

The amazing thing about this structure is how different and interesting it looks at different moments in the day. This shot was taken while walking underneath the beautiful beast.



Point and shoot

Sometimes, you just need the right perch. Or porch. Or balcony.  Beautiful Fall sky in 2012.


Sizzling summer nights

In the city, all manner of no-no’s happen after dark. But 26 floors above it… well, it’s just pretty. I’m moved every day by the sunrise, visible from my bed, and the sunset. It’s a different look every day. Different every day. Kinda like life.

Morning, sunny-side up

Good morning, world. An Easter morning shot from my balcony. A few clicks to the left reveals a modern midtown metropolis. But as it were, this is the more residential part of midtown, and a glorious morning awaits.