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Spring 2018


Welcome, Spring. We’ve missed you.


Can’t take it in…

There is so much to see and do in Paris. When contemplating music I’ll use to accompany my photo montage, there was only one song that fully captured my thoughts on Paris…

Can’t close my eyes
I’m wide awake
Every hair on my body
Has got a thing for this place
Oh, empty my heart
I’ve got to make room for this feeling
It’s so much bigger than meIt couldn’t be anymore beautiful
I can’t take it in

-“I can’t take it in” by Imogen Heap


In any language

As referenced in an April 2010 post, I’m a bit of a Coca-Cola collector. What I like most about the Coca-Cola brand is their very early understanding that they weren’t selling a product – but an emotion, an experience. The best example I could cite is the iconic “I’d like to teach the world to sing” commercial. It was that notion that a commercial could be used to express a sentiment about something other than the product itself – that’s what hooked me. And yes, I’m well aware of the shortcomings of the corporation behind the brand. As we get older, we get wiser (hopefully) – but I still believe in the notion/sentiment expressed in many of the Coca-Cola marketing campaigns. So, I still collect. This photo is of some reproductions (ad signs) given to me by my brother-in-law. How nice of him.

Instagram: Country Roads

On a trip back home to Lee County, Virginia, I took this photo of a country road while walking Annie. I continue to be impressed with the quality of photos from the iPhone. This photo was taken with an iPhone 3GS. I have since upgraded to the iPhone 4. And the camera is even better.

Also worth noting, this photo was treated with a color filter in an iPhone app called Instagram.  The app more of a photo sharing app, but has a number of pre-set filters to age, color, etc your photo. I’m generally not a fan of these filters. But every now and then, one seems to fit the shot.

Camera update: I still haven’t made fixing or replacing my Sony DSLR a priority. With the new condo purchase and furnishing it, just more important things to tend to. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the iPhone camera – and of course, my Sony Cybershot.

Fun with vandalism

I’m not usually a fan of graffiti vandalism, in fact, it infuriates me. But I have to giggle every time I see this poster over an empty retail spot on Peachtree Street. Makes me giggle because the woman looks like Amy Poehler from SNL. And so the mustache kinda works for her.

New views.

When I recently closed on my condo, I was most excited about the view of the city from my 26th floor balcony. But I didn’t expect to see such stunning sunrises and sunsets. Beautiful to say the least.

3 April, 2011 14:51

When pigs fly!

A trip through the neighborhood often results in a an interesting shot.  

Bad day

Last Saturday night’s fun ended in someone’s early Sunday morning crash. The local chiropractic clinic was in need of a Monday morning adjustment to their front wall.

Wow! Three months!

Well, I knew that the Spring and Summer months were going to be extremely busy – but I had no idea that it would be so busy as to prevent me from focusing on photography. I need to find a way to work in some ‘me’ time!