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Pic me, pic me!

Some shots just beg to be taken. I’m a sucker for crisp contrast of colors, especially when a beautiful blue sky is involved. As we walked from our apartment near the Orsay Museum to the Catacombs, we had lunch and lots of photo opportunities.



Slight of hand

Jenga! Sorry. Couldn’t resist this shot. Along the middle ground of the Tuileries Garden were special art installations. I found this one particularly interesting. A travel mate screamed Jenga when we walked past. Again, I couldn’t resist.


All about the angles

As a first-time visitor to Paris, and one not particularly well-read on its architecture, I was stunned by the symmetry, the alignment, the position of things. It was an overload of the senses. And it was all about the angles.




City of light (and love).

Aristide Maillol’s “The Night” sculpture in the Tuileries Garden.  One of my favorite photos from Paris.



Spring splendor

Fewer brilliant colors on the planet than spring at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.




I’ll do anything for a good shot… even get in the pool.


And when the storm blows over…

There’s something calm, serene and pure about the moments immediately following a storm. Experiencing those moments from this vantage point is all the sweeter. In moments like these, I’m in awe of my home city of Atlanta.


April showers…

It’s actually a June 2013 shot. I was sitting at my desk facing the midtown view, when I noticed things started to get ugly.


Final Four Ferris Wheel

Last year, Atlanta hosted the NCAA’s basketball championships, the Final Four. The whole affair was maddening (in a good way) downtown. Throngs of people all having a great time. And they even brought in a small ferris wheel (below) for the occasion. Less than a year later, another ferris wheel – a large, more permanent one was brought to town. I have yet to ride or get shots of the new one.


Camera quandary

My vacations this Fall include my second Caribbean cruise and my first trip to Paris, France. Last year I lugged around my Canon EOS Rebel T3i, not wanting to miss a good shot. But I’m not sure if I want to carry such a large DSLR around, or invest in a small pocket camera.

On one hand, I shoot mostly on automatic/modes with acceptable (to me) results. The pace of vacation doesn’t really lend itself to composing a shot and futzing over settings.

On the other hand, I’ve become to0 reliant on auto modes and am losing what little I learned in photography class.

Side note… I was disheartened when my photography instructor, near the end of the three-weekend course, said that she shoots in auto modes. “What? After you put us through the pain of understanding these settings?” I screamed. Of course, she was right to put us through those exercises. We should know how to compose the shot manually, if for no other reason than to tweak things with auto mode isn’t delivering quite the shot.  I digress.

The other real concern is the possible damage to the camera. I use the camera for work as well, so it gets quite a workout. And I’ve had pretty bad luck with damage to three previous cameras.

So that’s the quandary. Take the EOS or invest in a smaller, easier to carry camera? But it’s Paris!? How do you not take your best camera to Paris? Decisions, decisions. Plenty of time to ponder.


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